The British Beefeaters  



Traditional butchery with a twist... 

True to their namesake, this team proudly preserves the art of the traditional butcher. Being involved in the competition for the past six years meant they knew exactly what they needed to bring to the competition and they made sure they delivered just that, with absolute precision and an eye for detail. All successful butchers in their own hometowns, the level of talent was apparent in their final display - with many declaring their British ‘Beef Cake’ as a product highlight. What really sets this team apart however, is the mentorship and support network which has been set in motion by its members and only continues to grow - which is what this World Butchers’ Challenge global community is all about.


Team members (from left to right): Bryce Lawson from McMurchie Meats, Mark Ramsey from Falleninch Farm Butchers, Captain, Tom Wood from Tom Wood Artisan Butchers,  Jess Leluiga from Ye Olde Sausage Shop, Michael Dufton from Knitsley Farm Shop and Simon Taylor from Surrey Hills Butchers