The World Butchers' Challenge is organised from New Zealand by a team of four, who report to the World Butchers' Organising Council. The team have been involved in the event since 2011 and are hugely passionate about overseeing it's successful growth. We love a chat so if you have any questions or ideas please feel free to drop us a line.


Rod Slater

Rod is extremely well known in New Zealand, having established one of the nation's most recognised butcher shop chains and now championing and leading an iconic Kiwi organisation, Beef + Lamb New Zealand.  Little known to many, the World Butchers' Challenge was the brainchild of Rod who made a bet on a bottle of whiskey, that the butchers of NZ could beat those in Australia - and hence, the WBC was born. 


Ashley Hall
Chief Executive

Ashley is also General Manager of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, where her role involves overseeing all marketing activity, communications and staff. During her first month at Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Ashley was thrown into the deep end, being asked to help run the first ever WBC (at that time, the Trans-Tasman Test Match) in Christchurch, NZ. This was her very first glimpse into the world of butchery and now, seven years later she's loving growing a global community with some incredibly passionate people at the forefront. 


Antoinette Bisset

Antoinette is the Finance Manager of Beef + Lamb NZ Inc, and also oversees the finances for the World Butchers’ Challenge. Over the years Antoinette has been actively involved in many initiatives organised by Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the wider industry and also spent time managing Retail Meat New Zealand. As Antoinette has a finance background she could never have imagined becoming so involved with the meat industry – let alone loving it.


Pippa Hawkins
Events Director

Pippa has a wealth of experience in running industry events and is currently General Manager of Retail Meat New Zealand. Pippa also manages the Hellers Sharp Blacks, New Zealand's national butchery team. Be it producing the most detailed run sheet you've ever seen or injecting the sparkle and glitz into the butchery world, Pippa's your girl. 

Council members 

Adam Stratton (Australia)

Trevor Saville (Australia) 

Fabien Michel (France)

Thomas Guyomar (France)

Danny Upson (Great Britain)

Keith Fisher (Great Britain)

Rhonda Montgomery (Ireland)

Dave Lang (Ireland)

Todd Heller (NZ)

Rod Slater (NZ)

Danny Johnson (USA)

Tia Harrison (USA)