The Australian Steelers 


Carved in Bronze... 

Not ones to be outdone when it comes to presentation and creative flair, this talented team of six brought a whole new level to the competition when it came to producing a world-class display that rivaled all others. Their vision of a Hollywood photoshoot was brought to life through a range of high-end dishes, luxury ingredients, cameras, spotlights and their own names written in stars on a boulevard that bordered their display table. The individual members who make up the Australian Steelers brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the competition with five of the six members having competed in the World Butchers’ Challenge numerous times with Captain, Adam Stratton at the helm of the team since the competition’s inception in 2011. What's more, they've even got their own trailer, click here


Team members (from left to right): Nick Dagg from Gourmet Market Meats, Luke Leyson from Goodwood Quality Meats, Tom Bouchier from Peter Bouchier, Colin Garrett from Colin's Butchery, Paul Brady from Tender Gourmet Butchery, Sydney and Captain, Adam Stratton from Tender Gourmet Butcher Stores.