Team France Boucherie 



Allez les Bleus!

The ultimate showmen, the French produced an elegant, stunning and refined table of product with items so beautiful they could only be described as art. It was memorising to watch the speed at which they each worked and in particular, the skill of Philippe as garnisher for the team was out of this world. Philippe also produced an impressive statue of Neptune which he constructed completely out of animal fats and materials, and this was used as the central point of their display. Considered heavyweights of the competition, the French put on one hell of a show. 

Team Members (from left to right): Aurelien Brise from Maison Vessiere, Godefroy Piaton, Coach Jean-Michel Bannwart, Emeline Bruley, Captain Joel Lucas from Maison Vessiere, Lucas Bayle from Boucherie Bayle, Sebastien Coirier from Boucherie Lusson, Christophe Ipyanfat, Joseph Fagnani from Bucherie Bayle, Philippa Lalande, Victor Dumas from Maison Vessiere, Thomas Guyomar and Olivier Bayle from Boucherie Bayle