The Butcher Wolfpack 

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Chop with me baby... 

As their team name suggests, this tight-knit group of butchers had perfected their roles in the team and worked together like clockwork to produce a force to be reckoned with. A disciplined bunch, the focus and determination was as evident in their finished display as it was in the faces of each individual member. Ensuring that every element of what makes a good butcher was addressed, the team were one of the most clean and tidy whilst remaining efficient and quick with each job. Oh, and they make for a pretty good rock band too, click here. 

Team Members (from left to right): Steffen Schutze from Metzgerei Hack, Captain Dirk Freyberger from Freyberger, Karmen Walcher, Vinzenz Wied, Sven Tholius,  Matthias Endrass from Metzgerei Endrass, Julian Reidinger, Philipp Sontag from Metzgerei Endrass and Michael Moser.