Butchers of America



Oh my stars...  

The Butchers of America promised a show and boy, did they bring their A-game on competition day. Paying homage to the good old days of America the gingham patterns and hay bales were aplenty. Our judges made the comment that the Butchers of America absolutely wore their hearts on their sleeves, displaying plenty of passion and teamwork. As the countdown to the finish approached, this team only worked faster to get the job done. Do we think this team is one to watch leading into 2020? Yes m'am!

Team Members (from left to right): Captain, Danny Johnson from Taylors Market, Lothar Erbe from Lothar's Gourmet Sausages, John Fink from The Whole Beast, Bryan Butler from Salt & Time, Craig Deihl from The Real Deihl Chef and Paul Carras from Taylor's Market