The Real Butcher Team - Brazil  



The rock 'n' roll stars of butchery... 

True rockstars of the culinary world, the Real Butcher team entered the World Butchers’ Challenge arena to the tune of ACDC’s Highway to Hell. The team from Brazil are no strangers to competition, working together since 2014 and taking part in numerous events and presenting on national TV. Producing a display which showcased meat as the hero, the Real Butcher team set out to prove to the rest of the world that bigger is better with their selection of succulent steaks and low ’n’ slow cuts. Our only team from South America, they certainly spiced up the competition arena!


Team members (from left to right): Dani Franca Pinto, Head Chef of Cortés Asador, Wellington Rodrigo Cesar Camargo from Rei das Carnes, Alder G. Lopes - The Real Butcher Official, Captain, Flavio Saldanha from fs67, Elder Reis Magroone from Santo Antonio Butchery and Marcelo Bolinha from Origem da Carne.