Nazionale Italiana Macellai




Wherever the Italians were on tour, there was an overwhelming feeling of warmth and friendship. Some of the most passionate and emotive butchers involved in the competition, this team left nothing on the table. Showcasing the charcuterie and ready-to-eat products they are renowned for, it's fair to say that the World Butchers' Challenge would not be the same without these vibrant, skillful bunch. And cheese lovers rejoice - a Parmesan replica of the Roman Colosseum took pride of place in the centre of their display. What's not to love about that! 

Team Members (left to right): Ale Elaloui from Macelleria La Fantasie, Fabrizio Gasparrini, President, Orlando Di Mario, Mara Labella from Macelleria Labella, Federico Dal Lago from Macelleria Dal Lago, Captain, Francesco Camassa from Macelleria Camassa, Roberto Passaretta, Andrea Laganga from Macelleria Laganga, Davide Cecconi from Macelleria Cecconi and Gianni Giardina from Macelleria Giardina