All that glitters is gold...

Standing shoulder to shoulder, these Irish butchers claimed victory of the 2018 World Butchers’ Challenge, made that much more special having competed on home turf. Be it the miniature Guinness pint glasses made out of mince and the head from a pint of Guinness or the giant chocolate bull which guarded their display, the level of detail which went into their work was second to none. Practicing every Sunday for a year speaks volumes for the dedication and sheer determination of these butchers which ultimately paid off, with the six now proud holders of the gold medal.

Team Members (from left to right): Vice Captain Ian McKernaghan from Lisdergan Meats, Captain, Garrett Landers from Garrett's Butchers, Colly Donnelly from Mac Mahons Butchers, Stephen Millar from Millar Meats, Stephen Cooke from Garrett's Butchers and Eamon Etherson from Etherson Butchers