London City Chophouse plays host to Britain’s best butchers


This September, Paternoster Chophouse will be offering Londoners an exclusive menu from Britain’s best butchers.

The six individuals that go by the name ‘British Beefeaters’ and who will represent England in the 2020 World Butchers’ Challenge  have collaboratively devised a one-off menu available from 2nd – 14th September.

A choice of five dishes will be available for lunch and dinner and feature meat masterpieces such as the Braised Shin of Dexter beef dish; scooped out marrow bone mixed with butter, chilli butter and refilled, and which, previously won the ‘World’s Best Beef Product’ in the 2018 Challenge.

Other highlights include the grilled rib of Hereford beef, the smoked baby short ribs with whiskey sauce, roast pork fillet, black pudding, smoked apple & lardo, grilled rib of Hereford beef, bull cut and, to share, the rack of Colne Valley lamb, cannon & cannon chorizo and spinach stuffing - offering the perfect plate to indulge in alongside a view of St Pauls.

CEO of the World Butchers’ Challenge, Ashley Gray says chefs are often considered the rock stars of the culinary world and whilst that’s absolutely deserved, she strongly believes that butchers should be part of that same group.

“The challenge was created to celebrate and shine a light on the incredible talent, skill and craftsmanship of those in the trade. We’re extremely thrilled to have a renowned London steakhouse supporting our British team and profiling these butchers to a wider audience,” says Gray.

Head Chef, James Hulme from Paternoster Chophouse says: “It has been fantastic to collaborate with Team England on the menu available at Paternoster Chop House.  As a chef it is important to work hand in hand with the best British butchers and suppliers to help educate the public about natural, locally sourced food the UK should be proud to eat!”

Smoked baby back short ribs with whiskey sauce £9
Braised shin of Dexter beef, baked chilli butter bone marrow, bordelaise sauce  £2
Roast pork fillet, black pudding, smoked apple & lardo 22
Grilled rib of Hereford beef, bull cut £9/100gr
Rack of Colne Valley Lamb, Cannon & Cannon chorizo & spinach stuffing (2 to share) £50

 The British Beefeater menu will be available at Paternoster Chophouse for two weeks from 2nd September and prior to the World Butcher’s Challenge in 2020.

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