Applications open for the Italian National Macellai


The Italian National Macellai® have officially opened the selections to form the competitive team from Italy that will compete in the 2020 World Butchers’ Challenge. We’re also excited to announce that the Italians will be entering the 2020 World Champion Butcher Apprentice and Young Butcher competition, with applications for these open as well.

Some of the 2018 team members will retain their place in the WBC team for continuity while the young butchers and apprentices will all be making their debuts on the world stage.

The selection of participants will take place as per the following phases: 

  1. An online preselection , performed by analysing the films produced by the candidates and sent according to the procedures indicated in the next paragraphs; 

  2. One or more LIVE SELECTIONS in locations chosen based on the inflow of applications.

Applications for the team must be sent before 30 November. Any applications sent after these deadlines will not be considered. 

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For any other information or to request support for sending the applications, write to

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