A new look for Team Australia

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Check out the latest from Team Australia.

The Australian Steelers are excited to announce that they have undertaken a re-brand and they now fall under the banner ‘Team Australia’, along with a new logo, which represents the Senior team (Australian Steelers) as well as the Australian butcher apprentices and young butchers. The logo, designed in the Australian national colours of green and gold; and incorporating elements of the Commonwealth coat of Arms, is a much closer representation of the teams’ proud heritage.

The team selection process is also now underway for Team Australia, with the Australian Steelers now accepting applications from across the nation for butchers who would like to join the team, with a final test match to be held early next year.

Regional competitions are also being held to find Australia’s best apprentice and young butchers to compete in 2020.

More information about the team, along with the application form can be found on the brand new Team Australia website  worldbutcherschallengeaustralia.com.au

Ashley GrayComment