The latest on the WBC judging process


Over the next period WBC management, together with Head Judge, Todd Heller, will be discussing and recommending the structure of the judging team. There will also be a complete review of the rules as has been the case between each event with normally the final rules being agreed at least three months out from the 2020 event.

We have received feedback from a number of people since Belfast and have taken a lot of that feedback on board.

Some of the key proposals management are considering before we put our recommendations to the Council at our June meeting will be: 

  • Consideration of one judge for each country; 
  • That would mean 15 judges if the recommendation to limit the entries to 15 is approved; 
  • Judges cannot judge their own country. Therefore each team will be judged by 14 judges; 
  • Each country will have to provide evidence of the experience and capabilities of their nominated judge. A judges requirement criteria will be drawn up. In the event that a nominated judge does not meet the criteria then the number of judges will be reduced accordingly; 
  • There was a suggestion that the highest and lowest scores should be discarded and therefore there would be only 12 judges scores counted. At this stage management is not supporting that proposal.

Note: This update is purely for the World Butchers' Challenge. The World Champion Young Butcher and Apprentice competition will be reviewed at a later date. 

If you have any feedback on the rules or judging process please feel free to contact us at any time. 


Ashley GrayComment