The Revival of the Butcher

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The revival of the butcher.

Perhaps 'a revival' isn't quite the right term to be using, as was butchery ever dead? Maybe instead this post should be titled 'the reinstatement of the butcher'. 

While I'm at it,  one more disclaimer... As I'm writing this from New Zealand, I'm well aware that the statement above may not be the case for some of you reading this blog. Nevertheless, whether butchery disappeared from the scene or not, hopefully you're all experiencing the same rumblings and undertones that we are here in NZ.

That is, that butchers are reclaiming their rightful place in the food chain. 

I believe that the World Butchers' Challenge is helping to swing that trend even more so, amplifying the skill, talent and expertise of butchers across the globe. Furthermore, the competition and the support network around it ensures that the creativity and innovation of those butchers at the top of their game is distilled among others in the trade. As an industry, the World Butchers' Challenge keeps us relevant and forward-thinking, which in this rapidly changing consumer landscape is vital. 

So the purpose of this blog?

To encourage each and every one of you to claim your spot in the limelight. As a wise and clever man once said "We need to transform our butchers into the rock-stars that they are." We want to create a platform where you can each shout out about your successes and any of the wins that allow you to climb a bit further than you ever have before. And on that note, I'd like to invite any of you to contribute to this blog which can be shared not only on the website but on all our social media platforms. Click here to email me if you have a blog you'd like to run or if you want to chat about an idea. 

Look forward to hearing your stories and watching you all become stars in your own right.

Ashley - World Butchers' Challenge Organising Council

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